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Twitter and the curious case of the disappearing women...

Updated: May 15, 2020

Twitter has banned our Twitter account yet again. The first time we were banned it followed criticism of the UK's largest child welfare charity, the NSPCC. This time it followed our defence of the LGB Alliance in a thread regarding...you guessed it, child safeguarding.

Twitter's current policy allows for paedophiles to openly communicate with one another. They like to refer to themselves as minor attracted persons (MAPS) and while many argue they do not molest children (NoMAPS) their profiles often refer openly to their age of attraction. Yet women are routinely banned for stating basic biological facts like men aren't women.

The reason they give is that we are 'evading a permanent ban.' This refers to the ban that our senior editor DJ Lippy received in 2018.

The following is a reproduction of the tweet thread which resulted in the ban. Within 30 minutes of the publication of this thread she was banned for hateful conduct. Subsequent appeals were ignored.


What do you think? Is this content hateful? Maybe you agree with the elected politician Angela Rayner MP when DJ Lippy raised these concerns with her and that our RTing of such content is just as bad as the original posters. It reminds us of the Rules of Misogyny See rule 1, 2, 4, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17...

Since the initial Twitter ban DJ Lippy decided to organise in the 'real world' and met a number of women who allowed her to create this blog, a podcast and put on a variety of events. If Twitter intended to silence women's voices rest assured it has had the opposite effect.

However, we are trying to create a media platform to boost women's voices. We are a collective and the punitive measure enacted on us because of the supposed wrong-think of one of our members should be concerning to anyone who respects not only women, but freedom of speech more broadly.

What makes this Twitter ban more ironic is that we are currently organising an event which will critique the way 'hate speech' rules are being applied to restrict women's abilities to discuss our sex based rights. Wrong-think academics must attend their lectures under guard due to threats of violence and women's meetings are met with bomb threats. Julie Bindel is the most famous feminist in the UK and she has been physically attacked in a meeting to discuss this very issue. Who is the hateful one? Who is being made to feel unsafe?

Our very existence is being turned into a sexual fetish and a perversion right in front of our eyes and when we dare to point it out we are called hateful and bigoted. All this is being facilitated by the state, by corporations and the social media giants in Silicon Valley. What's more, the police are now enforcing this new orthodoxy, using laws intended to protect minorities to remove women's sex based rights. It's time that the authorities and those entrusted with upholding our rights took this matter seriously.

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